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Debut Album from J and M Brothers and Vicmoren

Without a doubt Vicmoren and J&M Brothers are activists of deep, and soulful house music. Over the last 5 years the collaboraters have seen their tracks and remixes released on labels like Open Bar Music, SMD, Klam, Bedroom Music, OneThirty Recordings, and their own Perception Music imprint. Their sound is modern, jazzy and stylish. Everything has meaning that creates a vibrant atmosphere. 

Which brings us to their new album project OUR GROOVE. A collective ensemble of choice deep house flavored cuts fusing europen house with flashes of Chicago and New York. Though they hail from Spain, you can sense where the influences come from. Your Groove. My Groove. Our Groove. Its all about the music.


1. One Small Step
2. Mr Disco
3. Funk Star
4. Lady
5. So Hot
6. Waiting
7. Our Groove
8. Release
9. Water World
10. 3 AM

Created by DJ/ Producers Miguel Angel Rojas Pichardo, Juan Miguel Rojas Pichardo (J&M Brothers) and Victor Manuel Rodriguez Moreno aka (Vicmoren) based out of Spain. Expect Ibiza fueled anthems, & deep hard beats.

By Definition: When two mirrors are held facing each other a regression of reflections results. A corridor of mirrors dwindling away into minuscule images beyond the range of vision is created. But each time the reflections repeat themselves the quality of the reflection degrades ever so slightly. At first this change is hardly noticeable, but as we look deeper into the never-ending well of repeating images the degradation becomes obvious and long before the vanishing point it becomes a blurred, hazy, jumble of indistinct fuzziness. So it is when we look along the tunnel of time, past and future. THIS IS PERCEPTION. Of Depth, Time, Space, Music, People, Places, Things.

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